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Christmas party of the Presidential and Executive Committee

Lazio Association Of Edmonton
A Non-Profit Organization that promotes Laziali’s interest and maintains and publicizes Italian culture among its members.
The Associazione Lazio (Sede di Edmonton), a Non-Prodit Organization was founded in October of 1993.
As part of The Canadian Confederation of Clubs and Associations Laziali, we are dedicated to promote family, and cultural values.
Associazione Lazio di Edmonton, the Italian Community, and other clubs collaborate together in the Edmonton Area and across Canada, to help promote and preserve our Italian Heritage.
During the course of the year, we have 4 major events.
Spring- Lazio Anniversary Dinner
Summer – BBQ
Fall – Bocce
Winter – New Years Gala
Other events include: Golf Tournament and a Briscola Tournament
Starting with only 10 families as members, today we are well over 91.
There are benefits in becoming a member of the Lazio of Edmonton Organization and they include:
-Discounts on Upcoming Events
-Italian Language Program
-Educational & Cultural Program
-Keep to date with Lazio and the Italian Community
For more information, you can visit our website at
or email us at