Lying along the banks of the Liri River, at the entrance to the Valle di Roveto, over the millennia Sora was an important crossroads for trade that took place between the neighboring communities. The oldest part, inhabited by the Volsci, must have been on the heights of Monte San Castro where today stands the medieval Rocca Sorella. Entered the Roman orbit, it was conquered by them in 345 BC, and contended repeatedly by the Samnites.
With the advent of Christianity it was declared a bishopric and enriched with numerous churches that replaced the pagan altars. Autonomous county, in 970, it was occupied by the Normans in 1062. During the reign of the Lords it suffered the disputes of the various Houses.
In the Napoleonic period, however, it was the scene of fights between Sanfedisti and Giacobini. From the Unification of the kingdom, Sora too, like most of Central Southern Italy, experienced banditry: in fact, the gangs of King Francesco II raged there, incited by the terrible Luigi Alonzi known as Chiavone In 1915 a violent earthquake razed him to the ground, but natural resource of the river, exploited for electricity, helped the fate of this land that from the beginning of the twentieth century experienced a great economic-industrial expansion pursued over the years, so much so that today Sora is one of the most active realities of Ciociaria. The numerous monuments that survived the destruction of earthquakes deserve a visit of this elegant town crossed by bridges and riverside that invite you to stroll in the afternoon.


Good Morning

As you may have heard Luca Di Stefano, President of the Province of Frosinone and Mayor of Sora will be arriving on June 2 and staying here until June 12, 2023 – a Dinner Dance is planned for the Sora delegation which includes Luca Di Stefano, President of the Province of Frosinone and Mayor of Sora, Manuela Cerqua, Councillor of Sora and other representatives from Sora as well as Fiorella Gazzellone, Mayor of Terelle – attached please find the sponsorship form with information on the event taking place on Tuesday June 6, 2023 at Montecassino Woodbridge – you are encouraged to attend this event by purchasing tickets, also we are looking for sponsors, and raffle prizes – use my e-mail to communicate your requests imgrossi@hotmail.com – don’t miss this opportunity to meet and greet the Sora guests and friends – you will enjoy a delicious dinner, and live entertainment by the group Encore.




Come già sapete, il Presidente della Provincia di Frosinone e Sindaco di Sora Luca Di Stefano, arriverà il 2 giugno e resterà con noi fino al 12.

E’ prevista una Serata di Gala, con la delegazione di Sora che comprende il Presidente della Provincia di Frosinone e Sindaco di Sora Luca Di Stefano, il Consigliere comunale Manuela Cerqua, altri rappresentanti della città e il Sindaco di Terelle Fiorella Gazzellone.

In allegato trovate il modulo di patrocinio con le informazioni dell’evento che si svolgerà martedì 6 giugno 2023 alla Montecassino Place in Woodbridge – siete invitati a partecipare acquistando i biglietti.

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Non perdete questa magnifica occasione per incontrare e salutare gli ospiti e gli amici di Sora e di Terelle.

Durante la serata, verrà servita una deliziosa cena con un intrattenimento dal vivo con il complesso Encore