Festa di San Valentino organizzata dal Terelle Club di Toronto

, ll Terelle Social Club annuncia che la festa annuale di S. Valentino sara’, sabato, 10 febbraio, 2024, presso MonteCassino Place, Woodbridge. I biglietti sono in vendita contattando un membro dell’esecutivo. Invitiamo tutti a partecipare a questa bella festa.per rincontrarci.


The Terelle Social Club announces that the annual S. Valentine’s dance will be held at Monte Cassino Place, Woodbridge, on Saturday, February 10, 2024.  The tickets are on sale by contacting a member of the executive.  We invite everyone to participate as it is a good occasion to get together and share good times. We are looking for prizes for our raffle, if you can help let us know. 

 Tutti siete invitati.



Municipality of Terelle
Terelle is a town that lies on a steep ridge of the mountain group of Monte Cairo (max. Alt. 1669 m. 5. m.), Facing NE. At 960 meters above sea level
Until 1927 it was part of the province of Terra di Lavoro (Caserta). When the province of Frosinone was established on that date, with the other municipalities of Cassinate it was aggregated to Lazio and the new province of Frosinone.
Its origins date back to 1117, when the Count of Aquino Pandolfo built a castle in the forest called Terelle, owned by Montecassino. Although it was repeatedly destroyed by the emperor Lothair III, at the invitation of the monks, and by the army of the same abbey, the castle was always rebuilt, and about the middle of the century. XIII we already find a “universitas” (community of citizens) established, ecclesiastically dependent on the bishop of Aquino and fief of the counts de Aquino until the year 1583, when they sold it to the Duke Boncompagni of Sora, to whom it remained until year 1796 when he came to join the Kingdom of Naples. For many centuries, given the difficulty of access and the distance from the main roads, such as the via Latina (casilina) and those of the Comino valley, the inhabitants of Terelle enjoyed relative tranquility, almost on the edge of the great and multiple political and above all military events that occurred in the area and dedicated themselves to agricultural and pastoral activities. Even today wheat, legumes, potatoes, chestnuts, truffles are renowned. The sausages and hams of pork and (rarer) of wild boar are excellent. The lamb is highly sought after, and the mushrooms are tasty. The sausages and hams of pork and (rarer) of wild boar are excellent. The lamb is highly sought after, and the mushrooms are tasty. The sausages and hams of pork and (rarer) of wild boar are excellent. The lamb is highly sought after, and the mushrooms are tasty.
When, in the sec. XIX, our farmers discovered the possibility of getting out of the long winter of our altitude and gaining something, from late autumn until the approach of spring, some, leaving their families in the village, moved to Terracina, to serve local farmers. Over the years, many even moved there permanently.
Other emigrations: France and USA In the years 1959-60, many in Canada Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland.
In periods of maximum demographic expansion, the number of inhabitants of Terelle well exceeded two thousand units. Currently (April 2000), it does not reach six hundred souls.
Many have come down to Cassino and its surroundings.
In May 1411, Terelle hosted King Ladislao for one night, who fled the defeat suffered at Roccasecca by the army of Louis II, Duke of Anjou. For about two centuries the sale of snow prospered there, which was exported to Montecassino (five loads of mules for every day of the year), to San Germano, Sant’Elia etc. From very easy Terelle are excursions on Monte Cairo (about two hours) on Mount Obachelle (1447 m. 5. m. Approximately three hours) Pozzaconi, etc .

Steven Del Duca elected new leader
of the liberal party of Ontario
Dear Lazio

I am pleased to inform you that one of our Lazio Terellese will, hopefully, soon be the most representative man of our province. This weekend the congress was held to elect the new leader of the Ontario Liberal party. Steven Alfonso Del Duca son of Benedetto and Margaret Del Duca, grandson of Alfonso and Michelangela Del Duca received the majority of the support of the delegates. Elected immediately with almost 60% of the vote of the delegates in the first ballot. Steven made us remember with love and respect the commitment and sacrifice of his grandfather Alfonso, who emigrated to Toronto in 1951, a man representative of the Terellese spirit, of loyalty, of the work ethic that made our community an example. key in the development and growth of our province – both in culture, social commitment, than in the economic field. Steven is proud to be able to continue this tradition of ours. We extend our warm wishes and good luck!

Dear Laziali
Good News !
A Laziale Terellese may soon be the main man in Ontario. This past weekend the Ontario Liberal Party held its leadership convention. Steven Alfonso Del Duca son of Benedetto and Margaret Del Duca and grandson of Alfonso and Michelangela Del Duca was the overwhelming choice of the delegates responsible for selecting the new leader. Steven received nearly 60% of the vote on the first ballot and was declared leader early Saturday afternoon. Steven spoke fondly and respectfully of his grandfather Alfonso, who emigrated to Toronto in 1951, as an example of the Terellese spirit, work ethic and loyalty that has made our community a vibrant participant in the growth of our province – socially, culturally and economically – Steven will proudly continue our legacy. We wish him well !!

The Terelle Social Club celebrated their
43rd Annual St. Valentine Dinner Dance.

Over 550 guests enjoyed an evening of good food, great music provided by DJ Platinum had the dance floor jumping all night. Good times was spent with paesani, new and old friends at the Da Vinci Banquet Hall in Vaughan on Saturday February 15, 2020. The evening celebrated the academic success of five scholarship winners: Samantha Grossi, Ariana Moreno, Sofia Grossi, Isabella Tari, Joseph Azzoli. Nazzareno Tesa president, assisted by Minister Deb Schulte and MP Francesco Sorbara, made the presentations. A great time was had by all.